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Managing private wealth

across generations

Who we are
Apolis is a Monaco-based family office with a global investment mandate managing diversified portfolio of plain vanilla and non-conventional fixed income instruments and direct private credit
What we do
Apolis employs a disciplined principles-based value investing approach accompanied by conservative risk and liquidity management systems and tools
Why we do it
Apolis seeks to preserve family wealth across generations through various economic cycles, volatility regimes and low probability events focusing on delivery of consistent above average real returns 
Principle 01
Moderate risk with a focus on stable cash flow yield generation
Principle 02
Capital preservation and diversification ahead of yield maximization
Principle 03
Avoidance of negatively skewed asymmetric payoffs
Principle 06
Optimization of return-per-unit-of volatility metrics
Principle 05
Value-based investment approach
Principle 04
Avoidance of illiquid or non-marketable investments in public securities portfolio
Apolis employs a disciplined approach focused on preserving capital (family wealth) across different cycles and volatility regimes and delivering consistent real returns through a combination of high-yielding private credit transactions and liquid marketable debt instruments.
The word “Apolis” stems from the Greek word meaning “citizen of no city (country)” acting as quintessence of our investment philosophy – diverse team with flexible views and global reach on private and public capital markets. “Not belonging to any city” implies no personal attachments, biases or regrets – something we believe to be crucial and essential in investment process to deliver above-average results.
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